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The New York Times

NYT offers a group subscription option to small businesses, large enterprises, and also schools. The original website had been created a few years back. But now it looked off-brand and dated, it was filled with stock images and non-NYT fonts, and its user experience was confusing.

For this project, I redesigned the user experience (UX) and refreshed the visuals to harmonize with the overall NYT brand.

The New York Times
Web Design
Michelle Ng
Dash Turner
Photo Editor / Photographer
Miriam Hsia / Johnny Miller


The original structure of the group subscription page began with one main page that then led to multiple subpages for each audience—media, hotels, libraries, K–12, and universities. The structure of the pages was similar but the marketing language was different, and there were visual inconsistencies across the pages. Having to maintain six pages was not optimal, and the click rate to the subpages was only one-to-two clicks per month.

New Structure

Because structurally the six subpages were similar, in order to simplify the user experience, we decided to combine the six pages into a single page. The new page would contain a header, a benefits section that could toggle between business and education, a subscription options section, a clients’ logos section, FAQ, and a legal footer.

New Visual

To create brand consistency, we replaced the stock images with our own lifestyle photos.

Final Page

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