AT&T Mobile App Hackathon
Winner: Best Collaboration App

For the hackathon, our team created an app that helps bands to find last-minute bandmate replacements for gigs. Currently, musicians need to call up each of their friends to find someone who plays the same instrument and has the same style as the person they need to replace. And if they cannot find the person, they would unfortunately have to cancel the performance. We wanted to create this app ShowUp to help musicians to solve this issue by connecting available musicians with bands who need a bandmate.

To use the app, the musician would first create a profile, set their location, and mark on their calendar the days they are available. By connecting with social media, they can pull up the list of friends who are also using ShowUp, who are also musicians.

Bands can post a request that they are looking for a last-minute musician.

Available musicians can browse for available gig listing and contact the bands who are looking for someone like them. The bands can also pay the replacement via the app. After the payment is made, there’s a map that easily allow the musician and the band to find each other.


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