The New York Times

The Big Idea

The New York Times has a yearly tradition of “Maker Week,” a weeklong hackathon when people form teams across departments to work on a product idea.

Our team came up with the concept of localized news, which we called TLocal. And within a week—when we managed to find time away from our day-to-day work 🙂 —we built a standalone web app to demonstrate this idea in two ways:

1) News Near You: The app displays news based on users’ GPS location.
2) News from elsewhere: Users choose a place on a map, and the app displays news from that location.

Ultimately, we believe this could be a feature of the NYT mobile and web app experience.

The app can also extend to additional features such as reviews and augmented reality (AR)

Patrick Hawley, Jonathan Hadis, Julio Vela
Michelle Ng

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