Chief Meetups

Product Design, UI/UX

Our Chief members were craving connections with other members due to COVID. They were already self-organizing from casual get-togethers to professional topics such as creating a social justice group within Chief.

The main issues were that members felt tired of doing heavy administration tasks from maintaining their own emailing with thousands of members to scheduling the various events via their calendar apps and there was a lack of visibility to members who did not know about such self-organized groups existing.

The mandate of this project is to create an experience to help members facilitate meeting up with one another.

Designer: Michelle Ng
Product Manager: Corey Zettler
Software Engineers: Guedis Cardenas, Alice Choi, Iiro Vidberg

Research Logistics

9 Chief members who have either organized a meetup or attended a meetup
• Organize regular community meetups (n=4)
• Organize community meetup once or twice (n=2)
• Attendees, including speakers and committee lead (n=3)
• Non-attendee (n=1)

30-45 minute interviews using 3 different research methods:
• Background interviews
• Card sorting
• Prototype as a proxy for discussion



Problem Statements




• We “broke the internet” at the town hall when our exec team announced the launch of Meetups in October.

• 20% of our members had either hosted or attended meetups in the first 2 months.

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