Chief Programming

Product Design, UI/UX

Chief is a startup that builds networks for women executives. One of the main offerings is what we called programming, in which Chief invites prominent speakers to give talks.
We already had a programming page but it was difficult for our members to find upcoming events and watch recordings from past events. So, in this project, we want to allow members to overhaul the experience.
In this project, we worked together for 3 months in the first quarter of 2022 to launch this.

Designer: Michelle Ng
Product Manager: Caroline Toch
Software Engineer: Iiro Vidberg

Project goal

We wanted to overhaul how we’re presenting events so that we can drive urgency and excitement (live events) while also making sure that people have the opportunity to experience relevant content if they’ve missed the live viewing session (on-demand)

What Chief members said

“Is there a table of contents of the videos anywhere? Some sort of quick reference like presenter, topic, length? A list would be interesting, but I’m not sure what the options are - how would you categorize the topics?”

“It would be great to be able to bookmark of favorite events to watch later. There's so much great content and I find more every time I search. I'd like a favorites or bookmark or playlist to keep track. Once played, it would go into a complete list but stay so I can refer back later.”

“I spend too much time scrolling to find past events and give up.”

Design audit

Members missing RSVP’d events

There were two ways that members could be reminded: if they clicked on the “Add to Calendar” button manually after RSVP, and our programming team sent reminders via emails. Some members forgot to manually “Add to Calendar” or avoid the feature due to privacy concerns, and our members are VP and executive women who are very busy and might have a secretary managing their mailbox.

Difficult to find RSVP’d event links

The only way to join virtual events is by clicking on the Zoom link in the emails from our programming team.

Difficult to find past events

Members had complained about past events not being discoverable, so our Membership Experience team put together different one-off landing pages that categorize a group of videos belonging to a specific topic (ex: board services, career-changing, etc).

User flow


Lifecycle of an event


Upcoming events

On-demand content

Event/content details

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