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What are the Roles & Fields in Tech?

Format: Panel discussion

In celebration of International Women’s Day, a group of Google’s Women Techmakers Ambassadors hosted an online panel discussion to share insights into the tech industry, including:
What are the different roles in tech?
How can I get started in various industries in tech, e.g. AI, cybersecurity, healthcare?
How do software engineers, product managers, and UI/UX work together?
What are the differences between working at startups, big companies, freelance, and having your own business?


International Women's Day 2024 @Salesforce

Format: Panel discussion 

Tech Trailblazers: Mastering Your Career in the Landscape of Emerging Technologies with Madona Wambua (Jibu Labs), Sandi Imayaguahi (American Express), Japneet Kaur (IBM), Michelle Ng (Michelle Ng LLC/Neuemoon Health), Sandra Mosquera (JPMorgan Chase)

The event had over 160+ attendees, with around 120+ being external to Salesforce, and 40+ being Salesforce employees. 

IWD Salesforce panel discussion

 Photo by Connie Liu and @sparxlabsio

Tech Talks with Madona: What does it mean to have a diverse workforce?

Format: Podcast 

I was a guest on Madona's podcast talking about my background, diversity in tech and mission-driven designs.

Original post on Tech Talks with Madona


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