I’m a New York-based independent product (UI/UX) design consultant who specializes in designing apps and websites for startups. As a design partner, I will work alongside you and your company using an agile approach. My hope is to create a product that you are proud of and that your users will fall in love with.


I was born and raised in Hong Kong. With a degree in Computer Science from Boston College (which I highly recommend because it’s a hidden gem, unlike other universities with big name Computer Science departments where you don’t even get to interact with the professors), I worked as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs and R/GA (Nike) for 7 years before making the switch into design. As a designer, I’ve worked with brands such as Google (Google for Education, YouTube) and The New York Times. In my free time, I’m a hackathon hobbyist (I keep telling myself I’ll retire one day) and enjoy solving new challenges at hackathons.


  • AngelHack EnvironmentalHack. Second Place. Ficus. Designer.
  • AngelHack The Global Hackathon Series. First Place. BiN. Designer.
  • AT&T Create-a-thon. Second Place (Downstairs). Short Film: May I have a Word?
  • AT&T Create-a-thon. Third Place. Short Film: No Selfies. Co-Director, Co-Writer, DP, Editor, Developer.
  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge. People’s Choice & Best use of Clarifai API. Project: Terrabeasts. Designer.
  • AT&T Create-a-thon. First Place. Short Film: Fresh Check. Editor.
  • Investors Without Borders Hackathon. Best Data Driven Hack. Designer.
  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge. People’s Choice. Project: ISSIE. Illustrator.
  • AT&T Mobile App Hackathon. Best Collaboration App. Project: ShowUp. Designer.
  • InVision Best UX Design Hackathon. Honorable Mention. Designer.
  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge. Honorable Mention. Project: Hamstronaut. Designer, Developer.
  • IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Hackathon. Best App voted by WeWork. Designer, Developer.

My side projects

Project Alpaca, a mentorship program for college students from disadvanged backgrounds, with my friends Catherine and Claire.

Lion Rock Café, a group focusing on bringing arts and culture of Hong Kong to the world.

Painting & drawing

Nin, a WIP iOS art game that introduce art to players.

Mental illness awareness project such as POLA The Bipolar Polar Bear series.

Environmental Meetup group (to be renamed to Clementine soon)